Americ From The Middle School Of East Anchorage High School Essay

Americ From The Middle School Of East Anchorage High School Essay

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From Africa to America: from Dream To Reality
There I was, in the common of East anchorage high school. The wonderful lady that took us to the school to sign my older brother up said “what would you like to do, since you are thirteen you can sign up in high school too or finish middle school”. My though was simple “why not kill two birds with one stone”. At that time I had no idea how that choice would affect my high school career both positively and negatively.
. Although I had just been accepted into a prestigious “lycee” in Senegal, I was more than happy to trade my acceptance with a share of the American dream. Three months after my arrival, my inspiring high school journey began. To me, my course placements were all big mistakes and which many of my teachers noticed. As soon as a month into my ELS classes (English as Second Language), my English teacher decided after an analysis of my performances that the material that she was teaching was elementary, and she sent me to another class. That class, although still filled with immigrants, was slightly tougher since those immigrant...

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