Americ A Nation Of Free And Home Of The Brave Essay example

Americ A Nation Of Free And Home Of The Brave Essay example

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Most everyone in the world knows about America; "Land of the Free and Home of the Brave," a nation of free men and women doing whatever they wish, pretty much a place to make life as you desire it to be. But there is actually much debate on if this nation of liberty & freedom is truly the pinacle of the global nations. Nations are overall rated by four main areas; military strength to both attack threats and defend the nation, healthcare to ensure the wellbeing of the nation 's people, unemployment rate monitoring the ability to make a financial living, and education to see how the nation is in intelligence and technology. More so, America has a concept known as the "American Dream", an idea of what one can do by becoming a citizen of the first nation of the Western Hemisphere.
Military might is one of the most important things within a nation, not only is a military needed to conquer territory but more importantly it is needed to protect the nation and its people from foreign and sometimes domestic threats. In the case of the United States of America, the military is very strong but might not be ideal for first-responders in a time of warfare like any possible "World War III". Mackenzie Eaglen believes that "America’s military personnel remain exceptional but are stressed, experiencing reduced readiness levels and lacking diverse training." She also states that technology is not ideal considering most things the military use are over a decade old . I feel it is best to get the most out of the military by using technology that is no older than five years, however considering that America was born from rebels fighting against the British Empire, a nation with greater technology and training than a common militia, just because tr...

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...ican Dream, but regardless of which view of the dream you believe in it thrives within America, and both ideas of the dream still pertain today.
America is a wonderful nation, but it is not the perfect nation. America 's healthcare and education are sadly much lower than most other nations, and therefore it is impossible to call America the greatest nation ever. The strength of the military and lack of unemployment in America do however strengthen the image for the mighty nation. With just some hard effort the Military can go from being one of the best to being the best, and the rate of unemployment means that the majority of America is free to finance the life they desire to live. America may not be the best nation to exist, but citizens will be proud of this nation that has grown from simple rebelling colonials into one of the larger first-world countries to exist

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