Amendments Ended the Civil War in 1865 Essay

Amendments Ended the Civil War in 1865 Essay

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The civil war ended in 1865, as a result bringing three new amendments to the constitution they were; the thirteenth amendment which abolished slavery, the fourteenth amendment, which defined the national citizenship, and the fifteenth amendment that prohibited the denial of the right to vote due to race color or past. However, many slaves were withheld from the knowledge that they were free. Yet, other slave owners had to pay their former slaves as laborers out of necessity for example: Colonel P. H. Anderson. Jourdon Anderson was one of Colonel Anderson’s former slaves. Anderson wrote a letter to Jourdon asking him to come back; this is an examination of his response to his former master.
Throughout Jourdon’s letter you can see the change in attitude that he has towards his master. At the beginning of the letter you can easily tell that there is tension and resentment there. This is evident as he states that he has felt uneasy about his master and the fact that he wasn’t treated well given that Colonel Anderson had shot at him not once but twice. Then the nature of the letter changes on to forgiveness. Jourdon went on to saying that he did not wish death upon his former master and would not have liked to see him get hurt, this shows a very kind heart towards someone who did not care at all for him. Finally towards the end of the second paragraph Jourdon declared that he was grateful to him. He was grateful that he had survived. He also went on to explain that people, even though they were treated kindly, viewed him and his family as former slaves and not much else, but then Jourdon Anderson declares that it was an honor to any slave to have had Colonel Anderson as a Master. The letter also goes on to talk about what the fo...

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...listen to their masters in everything because they were nothing. And since they became free all-black churches began and almost all colored people went to those instead were the sermons were truly about god and not about following your master’s every whim. They were happier.
In conclusion since the Civil war ended in 1865 and slaves became free, the south started to deteriorate. Some old master’s even begged their old slaves to return and work for them. However they were finally free and they were happy, as Jourdon Anderson addresses in his letter to his ex-master. They now had wages and their own churches. They also had the freedom to go to their own churches and get and education. And even though they were still owed something they were finally free, freedom was everything, it was joy.

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Chapter 15: Consolidating a Triumphant Union, 1865-1877

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