The Ambulance Incident Officer ( Aio ) Essays

The Ambulance Incident Officer ( Aio ) Essays

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The Lead Paramedics role like all the emergency responders is demanding, pressurised, and can be emotionally draining. The Ambulance incident commander (AIC) or Ambulance incident officer (AIO) will be responsible for the communication with the staff on sight as well as the receiving hospitals, in addition to the major incident teams from non receiving hospitals. The AIC/AIO role involves nominating the hospitals so communication and knowledge of the hospitals capabilities are essential.

The AIC/AIO have to use their experience, and quick thinking to assess the situation as early as possible. They will scan the scene and look for the casualties who seem to be the most severely injured and deal with them first. Set up a triage, once the patients are assessed treated stabilised then transportation can begin; casualties will have direct admissions to A&E, wards or operating theatres.

The Leads role involves management of the scene, communication skills, and decisive decision making, with the ultimate goal to respond and recover from a major incident.
The responsibilities and actions of the lead paramedic have implications which there are accountable for, as the actions determine people’s lives and quality of life following the accident.

During a major accident the staff dispatched from an A&E department would be doctors and nurses. A team specially trained to deal with major incidents would be required; the doctor in charge would act as the Medical Incident Officer (MIO). The MIO has a managerial role and would not usually be directly involved in the rescue efforts and is responsible for all the staff from the hospital, which would include trainee staff and an anaesthetics specialist. The Mobilisation of the A&E...

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...standards and the positive overall performances of the trusts were due to teamwork, and monitoring by senior management and Chief Executives.

The knowledge and expertises of staff increases with practice, experienced staff can train and supervise newly qualified staff providing better care.
This in turn will assist patients, staff and relatives to ensure the best possible care is provided.
To conclude the importance of team work and supervision can be correctly defined by the royal college of nursing, which states:

Clinical supervision is, “a formal process of professional support and learning which enables individual practitioners to develop knowledge and competence, assume responsibility for their own practice and enhance consumer protection and safety of care in complex clinical situations”. (DH, 1993)

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