Ambition, Motivation, And Time Essay

Ambition, Motivation, And Time Essay

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Ambition to me is a desire to achieve goals or succeed it is in the dedication, motivation and time. Is to do whatever it takes to be successful even though it could be difficult at times ambition, in other words, is the motive force needed to push all of us to work towards to set our goals. Though the word ambition would have different definition there is good ambition and there is the ambition that can express in an evil manner that can transform a person to do an inhuman thing. For example, evil ambition is to destroy who stronger and more powerful one. Is the way the person wants to go from being ambitious depending on which way to choose one way would be to become stronger than the strongest one. The evil one would be to kill the strongest one and become stronger.
Macbeth to achieve towards the throne ,he would have to face many high obstacles. The first obstacle, which is a sign of further difficulty, is the murder of Duncan (the King). Macbeth wants to fulfill this prediction due to his ambitions. Nonetheless, the prediction is fulfilled only because Lady Macbeth leads her husband through the obstacles. It is Macbeth’s wife who causes the death of Duncan. Macbeth was loyal to the king, and he did what he wished. The only time Macbeth killed is when he was just in the battle. Therefore, the witches also somehow cause the murder by getting Macbeth his hopes up by telling him that someday he might be the king believing that he is capable of greater things. With this new desire, Macbeth did not know what to think and he wrote a letter to his wife.He told his wife everything the three witches told him. When Macbeth told his wife about it Lady Macbeth was putting ideas in his head that changed him. They simply just “unleashe...

... middle of paper ... people she got crazy, and when she was telling the doctors about that they just didn’t believe her because she was crazy and they just thought she was talking nonsense Ironically, I would of thought that Macbeth would of gotten crazy, though he somehow did by doing what he did and that was murdering. Additionally, I would of thought of him getting crazy because when Banquo died he would see, the ghost of Banquo.However, even though he became king his power didn’t really last for long Macbeth dies in a battle between him and Macduff. Macbeth brags to Macduff that he cannot be killed by a man who was born by a woman. Though Macduff says he was not technically born by a woman because he was surgically removed. Macduff then started to fight with Macbeth at the end “ the monster die.” At last, Malcolm the eldest son of the king duncan became king once Macbeth died.

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