The Ambiguous Nature Of Truth Essay

The Ambiguous Nature Of Truth Essay

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The ambiguous nature of truth in media is clearly demonstrated throughout the whole of Citizen Kane. This is initially portrayed through the newspaper headlines at the start of the film which are shown to juxtapose each other and help to show different perspectives of Kane’s death. The Inquirer states that the “Entire nation Mourns Great Publisher” in contrast to the Chronicle which states that “Few will Mourn Him”. This beginning not only introduces the newspaper magnate Kane and the influence of fame but also the fact that truth is completely based on perspective and is not subjective, especially in the media. This is also portrayed when comparing the anecdotes of the loyal Bernstein and the bitter Leland. Bernstein’s account shows Kane as he is seen as an almighty figure that is still towering over Bernstein showed through the framing of Kane in his house that towers over Bernstein during the interview. This is juxtaposed with the bitter Leland’s account which attempts to expose the corrupt side of Kane. The series of anecdotes act as the framework for the whole narrative helping to provide a sense of truth as the life of Kane is viewed and described by different perspectives. By allowing the audience to choose a side of whether Kane was just an everyday businessman or a corrupt and untrustworthy friend. Through the Kane, the audience realises that their lives will also be judged and different people will have different perspectives, therefore, enhancing the enduring value. The film’s use of describing segments of Kane 's life through different characters showed that different ideas are based on the perspective of the individual and are not objective.
The second concept that is shown in “Citizen Kane” is the degradation of idea...

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...ined is shown to be useless, this is shown through the symbolism of the smoke bellowing out coupled with the montage of all of his possessions. The montage of Kane’s possessions is shown to be completely useless and meaningless as they are being thrown into the fire, these possessions for Kane was symbolic of his friends however these items are shown to be a poor substitute for true companions. These items that Kane possess are also ridiculed at by the worker saying “who would pay 2500 bucks for this without a head”. Smoke is symbolic of the aftermath of Kane’s life. It is symbolic of a life which has been overwhelmed by wealth and has been conquered due to materialism leading to a loss of his childhood morals. Ultimately the death of Kane in a lonely castle which embodies all the riches he gained emphasises the failure of the man who epitomised the American Dream.

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