Ambiguous Lines of Female Independence Essay example

Ambiguous Lines of Female Independence Essay example

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It is a man’s world. A simple statement such as the aforementioned has affected innumerable generations on the account that men set the standards for living and control just that. This prejudice attitude against women—who are living side by side with men and making just as much of a copious change within the world—leads to a discriminatory behavior that perversely affects women. Mankind— the world is referred to as a man's phrase that puts men in the position of power regardless of its seemingly harmless generalization. The stereotype is accepted without falter. Countless kings throughout the past have ruled with parliaments that did not involve women. Still, there is a struggle where women are viewed as insignificant, and no self-respecting man would take orders from an inferior woman. This essay serves to explore discrimination women have endured through their the understated roles in society: the degradation of women, subjecting women to double standards, and the fear men possess of women attaining power within a workplace.
We are living in a patriarchal society where the man is viewed as the powerful figure, and the women are supposed to be obedient to his every whim, blinding accepting their second-class disposition in society. I recall, when I was working at the Adam's Mark Hotel in Indianapolis before it closed, feeling extremely putout and overlooked simply because of my gender. Sure, I was smaller, weighed less, and seemed less intimidating than my male coworker, but I was just as friendly (if not more with my biased opinion) and inviting to the guests coming into the hotel. I remember my coworker being busy with another guest, and I was patiently alert as I awaited our next customers. When I was obviously available ...

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... man. For a man to treat his female coworkers significantly lackluster to how he interacts with his male coworkers is plain discrimination in a modern place of employment.
Women struggle to be viewed as breadwinners in modern-day society—the tussle for such imagery was seemingly unheard of. Men would provide for their families, and if a man was not present, then the mother would somehow provide. This essay serves to illuminate the sexism women face through degradation, subjection to the brunt of double standards, and the unjustly treatment in a place of employment due to man's fear of women possessing power and authority.

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