The Ambiguity of Morality and Ethicality Essay

The Ambiguity of Morality and Ethicality Essay

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The ambiguity of Morality and Ethicality is a subject that is not sufficiently addressed within the discussion or experiments undertaken by Gino and Mogilner (2014). There are religious factors, such as Christian salvation, as well as cultural and socio-economic factors that facilitate an individual’s discernment of morality (Csordas, 2014). A difference in perception due to a variance in circumstance can turn an act of benevolence into an act of corruption, as explored by Torfason, Flynn and Kupor (2013) as they examine the altruistic act of tipping against the immoral act of giving a bribe. They express the difference between the two acts as having either a retrospective (tip) or prospective (bribe) orientation, determining that a temporal focus based on a framework of social exchange can be conducive to a potentially prospective mindset. (Zimbardo and Zayne, 1999, as cited by Torfason et al, 2013). Throughout the 4 experiments undertaken by Gino and Mogilner (2014) only a shallow and non-operationalized facet of morality is explored through analyzing cheating in experiments 1, 2, 3 and 4 as well as deceit, shown through augmentation of self-worth in experiment 2 and potentially in the self-report questionnaire at the end of experiment 4, despite ethicality being an indefinite and intricate concept. The information displayed by Csordas (2014) and Torfason et al, (2013) indicate that a more comprehensive, or a greater range of theoretically amoral acts, should have been explored, in order to expedite a greater level of naturalization.
Throughout all 4 experiments the psychological concept of morality is examined through the variables of time and money, and the hypothesis that money puts either a weight on morality, or drives amor...

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...under the constraints a questionnaire is a cheaper and quicker method of getting results from the sample population.
In Conclusion, while the experiments undertaken develop the correlation between the variables of time and money with morality, the results presented show non-natural results, with limited applicability outside of the lab. The experiments, under non-restricted circumstances, could be developed in order to further progress the impact activating the constructs of time and money have on the mediating variable of self-reflection, and the associated impact upon a greater number of facets that constitute a theoretically comprehensive moral code. Adopting a stance of morals as a conglomeration rather than as a single wrong (Csordas, 2014) allows for a greater development of the ideas being researched, and greater level of naturalization and external validity.

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