The Ambassador Program is Necessary Because People Must Depend on Other People

The Ambassador Program is Necessary Because People Must Depend on Other People

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When you were younger, did you ever get separated from your parent and not know what to do or whom to go to for assistance, and because you didn’t know what to do you just wandered aimlessly around? I know I have, and that’s what a lot of people who are lost like that do. In fact, that happens a lot here with new students. Yes, there are the peer helpers but that only gives the new student one guide for one day. And that guide doesn’t even show them their classes, they take them to the classes they have and then the new student, the very next day, is on their own to find their own way. But wouldn’t it be great if they knew someone, or multiple people who could help them on the spot, almost anytime during the school day throughout the school year? Well with an ambassador program, it’s possible. An ambassador program would be a great addition to Phoenix Middle School for new students as well as new faculty members because the exceeded introductions would benefit both them and the school.
It’s important to realize that introductions to new surroundings is import...

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