Amazon : The World Of Cloud Computing Essay

Amazon : The World Of Cloud Computing Essay

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Amazon is constantly searching for opportunities to meet their needs of their customers. They are centered around the customer problem, how the current solutions fail, and how the new product will blow away existing solutions. Amazon has maintained a strategic focus of staying true to what it’s founder, Jeff Bezos, says are customer constants (Mochari, n.d.). Customers are going to continue to want low prices, quick delivery, and a vast selection. Amazon is targeting a gigantic market and it is growing faster than any of its competitors. In 2015, Amazon took 23.4% of America’s 94 billion dollar retail spending (Wahba, 2015). However, as we know Amazon is not only a retail provider. Amazon competes with Google in the world of cloud computing. Public cloud services and internet services from Amazon allow business to build and operate software without having to invest in their own expensive and every changing hardware. Amazon also offers video streaming services and has provided real competitor to Netflix over the past few years. Similar to Netflix, Amazon has dived into the world of original programming by producing their own video content. Amazon is positioned to extend itself into all aspects of our lives.
Mattel was established in 1948, designing toys for children worldwide (Mattel, n.d.). One of their most famous toys was Barbie. Barbie was originally launched in 1959 and became an instant hit (Barbie, n.d.). Today, sales of the dolls and merchandise total more than $1.5 billion annually, making Barbie the most successful branded toy in history. More than a billion dolls have been sold since 1959. Different versions of the doll have been introduced to reflect the world 's diverse population. However, as the world changed, Matte...

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...egy, one cannot ignore the importance of online sales. There might be an opportunity to develop an online subscription program for book enthusiast related to a specific genre such as: children’s books; mysteries; or autobiographies. I currently subscribe to Birchbox. I pay $10 per month to get a box of sample beauty products sent to me monthly. Before receiving my monthly subscription I often have the opportunity to choose an item in my box, upgrade my box, or choose a special celebrity endorsed box. I receive Youtube video links explaining the exciting products coming to me and I can rate the products, order the products, or make other changes very easily through my online account. This is just one example of a multitude of companies currently offering subscription type services. With some slight alterations a program could be developed to accommodate our customers.

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