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Most people today are fairly used to purchasing things online. I remember a few years ago when my father ordered his first DVD online. He was so nervous, thinking someone was going to steal his credit card information or that his shipment would arrive broken or inaccurate. I can almost remember the look on his face when his shipment not only arrived on time but in perfect condition. Since then it has been a breeze for my father, as well as myself, to purchase online. I personally buy everything from books to tablets online. Not ironically, the topic of our case study is my favorite company to purchase from online: Amazon.
Main Issue Statement
Amazon has come up with an innovative way to manager their online retailing, order fulfillment, and cloud services through their unique use of information systems that we all should learn from.
Amazon as a company is committed to providing the most products to their customers in the quickest time possible. This is proven possible by their countless infrastructures for storing material as well as their servers. Their collaboration with other companies to lease their infrastructure when it is not in use as well as use the Amazon information technology to then sell that companies product has also proven to benefit their business. They have also experimented and evolved into more than just a retailer and distributor. They started out as only an online bookstore and evolved over time into the biggest online retailer. At one time, they even experimented with auctions but it never seemed to catch on. Amazon utilizes technological innovations “From Amazon 1-Click, which dramatically speeds up the ordering process, to Recommendations, which determines customers’ interests by e...

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...ou would need abstract thinking and system thinking as well as collaboration skills to work for Amazon. You would probably also need excellent written, organizational, and computer skills too. Amazon more than likely hires people with those skills already, or they look for people with the potential to learn those skills and then Amazon in turn makes an investment in them. Or so I hope. They can’t grow as a company unless they complete the cycle of information systems and utilize all five parts. I imagine that they do just that with all of their innovative techniques and their prosperity so far.
Final Thoughts
No company is perfect, but Amazon seems to have developed a near perfect information system for their business that has not only kept them going but also helped them prosper and grow as a company. They are a prime example of what companies should strive to be.

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