Amazon And The Amazing Mind Of Jeff Bezos Essay

Amazon And The Amazing Mind Of Jeff Bezos Essay

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Our research analysis is on Amazon and the amazing mind of Jeff Bezos who started Amazon in 1994 as an online merchant of books but later found how the internet revolution was an opportunity to sell products, live streaming and web services that would revolutionize the world of the internet. The company is based in Seattle Washington with subsidiaries around the world because of the technical presence required in each region. High level engineers and technical talent from around the world are required to support the Amazon vision and it will be discussed in our final submission. Amazon has several subsidiaries purchased and acquired through the years to help their business Portfolio such as:
IMDB- World Leading database of movies, shows and celebrity information readily available with historical archives. - Discounted hardware and variety of catalog products cush as watches, wines, clothes, tools, computer items and home gadgets which are discounted and countered against the amazon database! - discounted baby products including diapers, feeding products, bath products, nursery products, milk products, children 's clothing, children 's furniture and a host of other products targets towards moms and new families trying to buy products for their newborn. - hair care, bath and body, personal care, household, vitamins, fitness and other daily essentials for families. - all relative supplies and materials needed for pet owners and the care of their pets. - full database of shoe 's available for the entire family to include dress, sport, casual and everyday shoe as well as accessories and clothing for the family with a guaranteed free shipping policy for returns and excha...

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...t Agents and Virtual Reality.
All the major companies realize they need to get to the marketplace and some are naming their AI with their technology or using the application behind the scenes as new ways to use this data and function is being applied and changed for the everyday consumer use. Some of the major industry releases who have found some success:
Amazon is at the forefront with their "Alexa" character in the artificial intelligence segment and used in their successful Echo product being sold exclusively on their website. The combination of hardware services of the Echo device and the artificial intelligence technology is part of the $100 million investment Amazon made because of their belief of this sector. To help encourage new technology by others, Amazon has created an Alexa prize comprising of $2.5 million dollars for the next technical breakthrough.

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