Essay on Amazon : A Growing And Trending Brand

Essay on Amazon : A Growing And Trending Brand

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Amazon is a growing and trending brand, giving consumers the unique shopping experience they have always wanted. The company that was started by 1999 man of the year, Jeff Bezos, has taken 44 percent market share in online sales and purchases. ( That makes consumers more inclined to search for products through Amazon, before the well-known search engine powerhouse, Google. The Seattle, Washington based company was started in 1995. During the well-anticipated start-up, the company’s focus was on book sales online. Over time, Amazon has set many trends in Consumer Behavior, expanding products across every product pool imaginable. " puts the customer experience at the top of their short and long-term to-do list," explains CEO Jeff Bezos. ( Personalization is the key to success, as consumers find themselves in the midst of the most personalized and revolutionary online shopping experience ever.
So a consumer may ask, what is consumer behavior and how does Amazon compliment these trends? Consumer behavior is how a company minimizes uncertainty when offering a goods or service to a customer. This is done through thorough research and marketing strategies developed by the seller. Amazon is a company that does not only practice current trends, but also influence and set them. They are the trendsetters in personalization, escapism, and the ever-important convenience. These are few of the many trends has created benchmarks for in the online sales industry. It is these trends that have taken to being number 13 on Forbes most valuable ...

... middle of paper ... on Amazon. This unique experience is the detachment from their current moment, or an escape. Lets face it the customer is the most demanding they have ever been in today’s market. This is because of the major surplus of competition and similar companies that they have to choose from. Nothing sais emotional comforting like escaping for an hour and shopping. There is something psychological about shopping that allows the consumer to feel in charge of the current situation, giving them ease from everything else that may be affecting them mentally. The shopping experience is very important for many consumers. is a place where people get addicted to shopping. This is because of the personalization and convenience that it offers. Amazon can be seen as a fairy godmother taking you to the mall, knowing what you want, and helping you acquire it all.

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