The Amazing Workout Experiences Can Change Your Outlook Completely Essay

The Amazing Workout Experiences Can Change Your Outlook Completely Essay

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Your busy schedule doesn 't give you time for gym? Or are you the lazy person who thinks that ‘tomorrow I would surely hit the gym’? Then you have arrived to the right post, you are about to explore the fabulous workout experiences which can change your outlook completely. We all desire to have a fit body that looks hot and desireful (how we drool over the celebrities), but hardly take a serious effort to shape up. But worry not, we are to show you top 10 exercises that would burn your belly fat and change you into a new leaf. These exercises you can easily do at home or garden as the steps are simple and effective.

Firstly we would like to give you quick tips that would help you in improving your body shape.
Never skip your breakfast, we know you have hear this umpteen times, but if you want to stay fit don 't skip your breakfast, you are slowly killing your body.
Watch what you eat, go for foods that would burn your fat such as green veggies, almonds, whole grains, eggs, berries.
Always warm up your body before exercising, else you might get a stiff or muscle pull.
This is extremely important- Drink plenty of water, forget the 7-8 glass, just keep yourself hydrated and stay fit.
Leave your work stress the minute you step out of office, it will reduce your stress levels and indirectly help in losing weight.
There are several tips to follow, however we found these as five finger rules which would help in changing your body.
We are featuring our top 10 exercises which would reduce your belly fat, take a look and get inspired.

1. Bicycle Crunches:
An effective and best way to lose the belly fat is the bicycle crunches. Do a repetition of 20 and notice the change.
Lie on the mat with your back flat and place your arms ...

... middle of paper ...

...Raise your left knee and touch it with your left elbow. Then repeat the same step with your right knee.
Keep continuing this for 30 repeats.

10. Overhead Side Bend:
This is a fabulous exercise for the beginners, who are lazy yet want to remove the belly fat. All you have to do is stand and give a little bend to your body and notice slowly the fat melting away. Do a repeat of 20.
Stand straight with legs slightly apart and raise your hands above your head in namaste position.
Slowly bend your body on the left side and then come to the original position and bend towards right side.
Make sure you do this process slowly, so that you don 't strain your muscles.

Do share with us, which of our top 10 exercises helped you in reducing your belly or those who haven 't started their workout, let us know which of these you find easy to start with.

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