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The Amazing Spider M Genetically Modified Organisms Essays

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In the 2012 American superhero film The Amazing Spider-Man, the protagonist Peter Parker gets bitten by a genetically altered spider, giving him incredible and enhanced spider-like super powers. The arachnid’s DNA crosses with Parker’s human genome, bestowing him with these abilities. His powers came from a fantasy interpretation of recombinant DNA. In the real world, recombinant DNA can be formed by cloning molecules which allow it to possess the genetic material from multiple sources. This type of cross species genetics is used throughout the world today to artificially select desired traits in “genetically modified organisms” (GMOs). Genetic engineering is at its most advanced state so far right now, letting us intentionally incorporate the genes from one species into another completely unrelated one. There are, however, some controversies. Many people don’t agree with the ethics behind this process, while others think that it has great potential to advance our understanding of the universe like never before. With just a gene and a bacterial plasmid, the world as we know it could change dramatically.
Genetic recombination is essential to further our knowledge of the living world and enhance the way we understand other organisms. Experiments carried out with recombinant DNA transform and change origin cells, or create completely new, persisting ones altogether. When DNA is introduced to a cell, the physical properties of the cell can change. Uses for recombinant DNA include vaccinations, medical/pharmaceutical applications, curing diseases, and much more. Recombinant DNA technology is based mainly on the use of self-replicating DNA elements to aid DNA fragments that are not capable of replication in bacteria. In a lab, scientis...

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...the past. (Ethics) This is what the Debate is about. To focus more on ethics, as opposed to research and commercialization of new technology. (Ethics) Some standards set by the Government and other institutes regarding these sciences are: national and local supervision, no paying for human eggs, a 14-day limit on growing human eggs, no transplants of stem cells into living embryos, and regulation of gene transplants. These standards may satisfy opposers of genetic engineering, but it’s not enough for many. As a result to these experiments, organisms could someday become completely “man made”, and who knows what the consequences are. However, embryos will keep on being manipulated and experimented on for this science to continue. Scientists will still try their best to fulfill all of the moral and ethical issues, but not all of them can be met.
The potential for new,

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