Essay The Amazing Journey Of My Heart

Essay The Amazing Journey Of My Heart

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Hey everyone! Wow, it has been such an amazing journey heading back to Redding! My heart is full with love and life and Christ is FAITHFUL! I left San Angelo on the 17th of August and headed towards Dallas to meet with my good friend Austin. He is really amazing! He is an intern for Chris Overstreet. Austin has poured so much into me since I met him and he means so much to me. I was also with John Cook who is going into first year. I can 't wait to see what Jesus does in his life this year! We arrived in Dallas around 6 with only minor difficulties. While John and I were driving we hit a tire in the road. It was really crazy, but the amazing thing was Jesus kept me super calm the entire time and no one got hurt. So all in all the first say was an incredible success filled with laughter and excitement. The next day we started our journey to Chino Valley, Arizona. It is such a beautiful place with amazing people. The city has about 10,000 people in it. About 2 hours before Chino Valley, we stopped in Gallup, New Mexico. (Starbucks run!!) I walked into the Safeway where the Starbucks was and ordered my coffee. After getting my coffee I wanted to use the restroom before we left. As I was walking into the bathroom I saw Austin talking to a man who was covered in tattoos and smelled of alcohol. I was so excited because where sin abounds, grace abounds MUCH MORE! Austin and the man walked outside and continued their conversation. After I finished in the restroom I walked outside to listen in on the conversation. The man identified himself as "Snooze" He was a gang member of a Native American tribe and he called himself snooze because he "puts fools to sleep." I get really excited when I hear this king of stuff because God always shows up...

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...thank you, because none of this would have been possible without you. I want to tell you that the fruit of all these testimonies is because of your support! May God bless you radically and abundantly through the life of His Son!

Hey! If you have been encouraged, stirred in faith and boldness, and you feel led to be apart of my life, Christian Church of San Angelo will be accepting checks on my behalf throughout the year. You can drop checks in the offering plate or below is the address. All funds will be going towards rent and living expenses. Thanks again for your constant support!

Christian Church of San Angelo
4064 S Bryant Blvd
San Angelo, TX 76903


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