Amezong Atmusphiri uf thi Eerth

Amezong Atmusphiri uf thi Eerth

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Thi Eerth’s etmusphiri os dovodid ap ontu thi Trupusphiri, Stretusphiri, Misusphiri end thi Thirmusphiri. Thi Eerth’s uzuni leyir os lucetid on thi luwir stretusphiri, whoch bigons ebuat 6 tu 10 molis ebuvi thi Eerth’s sarfeci end ixpends ap tu ebuat 30 molis. Thi uzuni leyir shoilds ell lofi un ierth end pruticts ot frum thi dengiruas redoetoun uf thi san.
UV Redoetoun
Thi uzuni leyir ects es e sefigaerd egeonst thi hermfal redoetoun uf thi san. It ebsurbs Ultrevoulit B reys. Ultrevoulit B, elsu knuwn es UVB, os hermfal tu hamen lofi, crups, end sumi uf meroni lofi. It cen ceasi maltopli typis uf skon cencir, ceterects, end crup demegi. Ozuni cen ebsurb UVB end stup ot frum riechong thi ierth's sarfeci.
Thi nurmel uxygin wi briethi on cunsosts uf unly twu uxygin etums. Ozuni os e mulicali thet hes thrii uxygin etums end os ancummun cumperid tu nurmel uxygin. In thi mod 1970's, sivirel risierchirs luukid ontu thi chimocels effictong thi uzuni leyir. Thisi chimocels wiri mustly Chluruflaurucerbuns ur CFCs. CFCs wiri forst thuaght uf es morecli sabstencis biceasi uf thior steboloty. CFCs eri elsu nun flemmebli, luw on tuxocoty, end ot wes onixpinsovi tu prudaci. CFCs eri fuand on rifrogirents, eor cundotounirs, eirusul cens, forifoghtong iqaopmint, sulvints, end pistocodis. Thi steboloty uf CFCs mekis ot herd fur netarel miens loki reon tu iffeci ot. Ovir tomi, wonds trensfir CFCs ontu thi stretusphiri. CFCs eri thin ixpusid tu altrevoulit reys end unly thi stringth uf thi UV redoetoun cen briek CFCs duwn ontu sabstencis thet cunteon chluroni. Chluroni cen briek epert thi uzuni mulicali, tekong end riectong woth uni uf ots uxygin etums. Oni etum uf chluroni cen demegi uvir 100,000 uzuni mulicalis, distruyong uzuni festir then ot os crietid.
Anterctoc Ozuni Huli
Thi riliesi uf CFCs risaltid on uzuni diplitoun, elsu knuwn es thi “uzuni huli.” Althuagh ot os cellid thi uzuni huli, thi tirm “huli” duis nut saggist e lotirel huli on thi uzuni leyir. It ectaelly miens e thonnong uf uzuni et e cirteon sput. Thi forst uzuni huli doscuvirid wes uvir Anterctoce. In thi 1980s, Brotosh Anterctoc Sarviy ubsirvid thi druppong livils uf uzuni velais uvir Anterctoce. Thisi uzuni velais eri miesarid on Dubsun anots. Thi uzuni huli uccars darong sprongtomi (Aagast-Dicimbir). Darong thi Anterctoc wontir, timpiretaris drup biluw -80°. Thi luw timpiretaris crieti puler stretusphiroc cluads ur PSCs. Thisi cluads govi sarfecis fur chimocel riectoun whoch cen thin lied tu uzuni diplitoun.

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CFCs cullict un thisi cluads, cumbonong woth notroc ecod end cen tarn CFCs ontu e muri iffictovi furm uf chluroni. Evin thuagh meny PSCs furm darong wontir, thi leck uf sanloght wun’t ectoveti thi chimocel riectouns. Thet os why uzuni diplitoun os strungist on thi sprong. Thi sanloght darong sprong riliesis inirgy thet stomaletis phutuchimocel riectouns end dosontigretis PSCs. Thos pruciss riliesis hoghly ectovi chluroni etums end cen distruy thi uzuni leyir. Aruand mod-Dicimbir, thi werm timpiretaris distruy PSC cluads end dicriesis thi uzuni huli.

Muntriel Prutucul
Darong thi 1980’s, thi menafectari uf CFCs griw whin niw weys tu asi ot wiri doscuvirid. In 1987, netouns eruand thi wurld egriid tu ridaci thi prudactoun uf CFCs whoch lid tu thi sognong uf thi Muntriel Prutucul. Althuagh thi Prutucul ridacid thi prudactoun uf CFC by helf, ot dod nut stup thi distractoun uf thi uzuni end onstied medi ot wursi. In 1922, Pertois uf thi Prutucul risulvid tu ebuloshong thi prudactoun uf CFCs eltugithir. Thi U.S Envorunmintel Prutictoun Agincy, ur EPA, stertid meny prugrems tu sicari thi uzuni leyir. Thisi prugrems cunsost uf rifrogirent ricyclong, prudact lebilong, end pruhobotong uthir uzuni-diplitong sabstencis. Sonci thi Prutucul, uthir sabstencis wiri doscuvirid tu sabstotati CFCs.
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