Amanda 's Sexual Hike Adventure Version 1.0 Essay

Amanda 's Sexual Hike Adventure Version 1.0 Essay

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Jennifer’s Sexual Hike Adventure Version 1.0
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Rhonda Clark was working at a summer camp and she had spent the last few weeks taking care of a bunch of teenagers. It was tedious work so she was appreciating the fact that she was finally able to get some time off. She and her friends Jennifer, Paul and Andrew had been hiking for most of the day. They wanted to get at the top of the highest peak by the end of the day since they were announcing some rain and possible thunderstorms later that evening in the region.
Paul was in front of the group with the GPS, navigating them throughout the treacherous terrain. He had been here five years ago and remembered most of the path to get to the top of Mount Richmond.
“Well, we are almost there. We got about five miles to go and we will be at the summit.” he said as he looked at the group.
“Finally!” said Jennifer.
“I did not think it would have been that far!” said the young woman as she was wiping the sweat out of her forehead.
Andrew who was behind the gang was looking at Jennifer’s behind and just daydreaming about her. She had tight hiking shorts. He daydreamed of all that was inside that wiggling pair of short.
“We better try to hurry up. The storm will catch up to us pretty soon according to what my phone is saying.” said Paul.
“Well, talk about choosing a lousy day to come here. It was all sunny and promising this morning and now we have a chance to get stuck in some sort of violent storm!” said Jennifer all disgusted at the news.
“I’ll protect you!” said Andrew.
Jennifer slightly turned around.
“Sure you’ll protect me Andrew. You just want to protect my butt or play with it.” said the young woman as she made her way across a tree trunk.
“Why do ...

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“It better feel good!” replied Jennifer.
On the other side of the tent Paul and Rhonda were going at it again and having much fun. Paul had been inside Rhonda for a while now.
“Boy it’s getting hot in here!” he said.
“Yes, I am sweating like a pig.” she replied as she removed herself from Paul.
She turned around in the sleeping bag and went on Paul in the sixty nine position.
Andrew was watching them go at it. Jennifer quickly brought him back to her attention.
“Hey pervert. I am here, sucking your cock, remember?” she said as she bit the head of Andrew’s hard cock.
“Ouch!” said Andrew.
“Sorry, I know you are here!” replied Andrew.
“Well you better remember that. I am not some whore from the corner of the street. Pay attention to me.” she said.
Jennifer suddenly became gentler and less rough with the sucking. She changed sucking fashion and Andrew loved it.

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