Essay on Amanda 's Controlling Voice Over Her Children

Essay on Amanda 's Controlling Voice Over Her Children

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Remember waking up in the morning to mom controlling voice. Think of this controlling voice after the legal age of 18 has been reached. This is Amanda’s controlling voice over her legal children. Amanda is the most important character in this play because of her want to live her life through her children’s, every conflict was directly linked to her, and because of how her character represents two characters out of the play.
Amanda though out the play is constantly attempting to live her own live through her children’s life. Just like any parent Amanda wants to have her children succeed in life. She truly wants her children to go on and enjoy their life feels disappointed because she cannot give them what they need to survive the rest of their life’s because of her financially unstable lifetime. Since she cannot give them what they need, she pushes them to acquire what they need for them to succeed in life. Unfortunately, she is not necessarily pushing for things they need but what she wants. Some would say she is quite knaggy in her efforts to have her kids to be where she wants them to be in order for them to succeed. Her efforts to push them soon pushes them over the edge. Amanda definitely wants Laura to live a life that is identical to her owns. Throughout the play she teaches Laura what it means to be lady. She tells Laura to “Stay fresh and pretty” (1.8). She tells Laura that ladies do not do any work but sits down and looks pretty to be prepared for the gentlemen callers. Also throughout the play, she talks so much about her own past because she wants Laura to live out the life of Amanda and not of Laura. Amanda also tries her hardest to control her sons, Tom, life too. She yells at Tom because of his extreme want to...

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...ther is a postcard. Well Amanda is the characteristics of the absent character by her description of the father.
Some people may say that Laura is the most central person because of how everyone in the play caters to her needs. This is not true because Laura is the key that starts every conflict in the story. This person with the key in her hand is Amanda. Some people may say that Tom is the central character because of the Pressure from Amanda and taking responsibility that is no his but this Is false because who is putting the pressure on him, Amanda and he gave him these responsibilities, Amanda.
In conclusion this shows how Amanda is the most important character in this play because of her want to live her life through her children’s, every conflict was directly linked to her, and because of how her character represents two characters out of the play.

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