Essay about Am I Dreaming: How Our Brains Really Work

Essay about Am I Dreaming: How Our Brains Really Work

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Am I Dreaming?
I awoke from a dream. A dream so realistic that I had no idea if it was real or fake. I had to grasp reality, as my alarm clock buzzed with anger as if it was mad as well, for it wanted to know the answer too. My mind was so mixed up and the screaming voice of my sister yelling at me to get ready for school was not helping. I had to make a choice. A choice of life or death. A choice of , was it true or not, did my best friend get dumped by her boyfriend of two years and I picked the choice of yes.
They were the perfect couple, everyone loved them, such a shame. Was what I was thinking as I walked through the hallways of high school. I didn't know if I was the only one who knew the news and if so I didn't want to be the first one to break it. For if I broke it, that one person who knew the exciting new discovery would spread it like wildfire through the hallways of high school were students ate up any new news bad or good. However, one question still burned through my head was I the only one who knew?
As the day passed everything was normal and it seemed that no one was really upset about this new news, not even my close friends, they were all fine. I started to get confused, I wanted some answers and answers was what I was going to get or so I thought… I walked into my third hour English class head held high and ready to talk about Jennifer and Cameron. I sat next to one of my best friends Rebekah as the teacher started to ramble about test scores and such. “Did you hear the news?” I said. Rebekah looked at me eyes hungry for this news I was talking about. “No! What news?” My heart dropped as I realized that I was the first person who knew. Terror filled my eyes for I was the one who was...

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...d, with anything you can image. Although that journey may be scary like a nightmare we have to fight through it and be strong. Being able to dream shows us the vast intelligence our brain has and the ability to demonstrate creativity, solving problem, love for others, self issues, maybe even the future and many more things. We can experience actually flying during lucid dreaming and fight a fear in a nightmare but the one thing that may help us the most is getting to know our self through our dreams. Don't be afraid to real life and when you're sleeping because you never know one day that dream can become a possibility or help you in the future. So next time when you wake up from a dream ask yourself what does it really mean because dreaming is a never ending puzzle of life. Dreaming is something that without it solving our problem would be much harder.

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