Essay Alzheimer 's More Difficult For The Patient

Essay Alzheimer 's More Difficult For The Patient

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What is Alzheimer ? Is Alzheimer 's more difficult for the patient or for the patient’s siblings?
Alzheimer is a dementia type of disease named after Dr. Alois alzheimer that slowly destroys memory and thinking skills,and eventually , the ability to do simple things, or recognize their family. The first case occurred in the 1906 when a woman died on a unusual mental illness. After she died Dr.Alois examined her brain , amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary. Alzheimer’s is in older people the most common cause of dementia. Dementia is a loss of remembering ,thinking and reasoning skills, that intervenes with your daily life and activities. It is very common in people over sixty years of age. People younger than sixty years can also get it but in their case it is called early onset Alzheimer("Alzheimer 's Disease | Overview”)
Alzheimer is not a normal part of aging, but after the age of sixty the possibility of getting it doubles every five years. People over eighty-five have nearly 50 percent chance of having the disease. People with down syndrome have a much higher risk than the average people. It is also been said that obesity and diabetes increases your risks of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer 's is the sixth leading cause of death in the united states and one that cannot be presently obstructed.
Alzheimer’s symptoms usually get worse over time but it starts very slow and mild. Cognitive decline is how you you called the process getting worse over time. At the last stage the person is no longer able to communicate and they depend entirely on others. What causes alzheimer’s disease is not really known but it appears that it
develops when clumps of abnormal proteins grow in the brain. It grows and grows bu...

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...nd Family - Alzheimer 's & Dementia | Alzheimer 's Association). Alzheimer 's disease harms every person around it , it begins with the sick person and then it ends with their family and friends.Some people think that it it is worst for the sick person but I personally think that it is worst for the siblings. They have to go through a lot,,but I am not saying that the sick person don’t but your family is the one that has to go to horribles situations, like hearing that your sibling don’t remembers you and doesn’t know who you are. They have to accept that it is normal considering that they have Alzheimer’s ("Kris 's Story | Alzheimer 's Association”).
In conclusion I can say that siblings suffer more from Alzheimer’s disease because unlike the sick person they don’t forget. They remember every single phase of the disease , every sad moment and it never disappears.

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