Essay on Alzheimer 's Disease And Its Effects On The Elderly Age Group

Essay on Alzheimer 's Disease And Its Effects On The Elderly Age Group

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According to the international journal of Alzheimer’s disease, 3 to 4 million Americans today have dementia disorders or Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Alois Alzheimer is considered the father of Alzheimers and was the one who discovered the disease back in 1906. Dr. Alzheimer was a German psychiatrist and a neuropathologist. While he studied a woman’s brain he learned that the woman showed memory loss, changes in behavior and speech difficulty. The disease is a brain disorder that causes language problems, memory loss, and personality changes. There is no cure for this disease, only treatments and things you can do early on in your life to help prevent Alzheimers. This is a disease most commonly affecting the elderly age group. Alzheimer is one of the dementing disorders that affect the brain. It is the most common form of Dementia known to mankind. Dementia or dementing disorders are composed of a group of brain diseases that often leads to the loss of physical and mental functions.
Alzheimer disease patients are increasing rapidly all over the world. This is because of the population growth of the elderly. As Alzheimer patients increase, so is the cost of care. Nursing homes and elderly care facilities have a great number of Alzheimer disease patients. The average annual cost of caring for Alzheimer’s disease patients is projected to be between $60 billion and $148 billion (Gilbert & Julie 3).
The cause of Alzheimer disease in the elderly is unknown. Most of researches that have been done have not found the real causes of the disease. However, some scientific studies show that Alzheimer’s disease occurs when nerve cells in numerous key areas of the brain are destroyed or damaged. The damaged or destruct...

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...ition oriented approaches. Care giving treatment is all about caring for patients. Alzheimer disease has no cure, and due to that, caring of the sick is the most preferred treatment. This is because the Alzheimer disease patients suffer several effects that need the care of other people. These patients need the care and assistance of others so that they can carry out activities and to avoid problems such as stress, depression and anxiety.

Alzheimer disease is a disease of the elderly. It affects them terribly. The disease is still growing among people due to the population growth. The cause and exact mode of treatment are not yet discovered making the disease one of the top diseases that causes serious effects. It is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle early on in life for a longer life and for your chances of ending up with Alzheimers disease be reduced.

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