Alzheimer 's Disease : A Progressive Neurodegenerative Disease Essay

Alzheimer 's Disease : A Progressive Neurodegenerative Disease Essay

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Alzheimer’s disease (sometimes called Lou Gehrig’s disease) is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that ultimately leads to death. It mainly affects memory and causes problems such as hallucinations and is also the leading cause of dementia. There is no cure found but current research shows that Ampakines, which are cognitive enhancers have the potential for having significant effects on the developing glutamatergic system and can be used as drugs for treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (Urban & Gao, 2014).
The initial symptoms of ALS can vary in different people as well as the rate at which ALS progresses. Although the mean survival time with ALS is three to five years, many people live five or more. ALS is inherited in 5 to 10 percent of cases and the other cases appear to occur randomly. Symptoms can begin in the muscles that control speech and swallowing or in the hands, arms, legs or feet. Progressive muscle weakness and paralysis are universally experienced and is the most common initial symptom usually experienced. Other early symptoms include tripping, dropping things, abnormal fatigue of the arms and/or legs, slurred speech, muscle cramps and twitches, and/or uncontrollable periods of laughing or crying ("10 Early Signs & Symptoms of Alzheimer 's | Alzheimer 's Association," 2016). Another common symptom of Alzheimer’s disease includes hallucinations. Hallucination are not only a moderate symptom of ALS but are also early symptoms of all neurodegenerative disorders that are caused by the memory being affected ("Understanding Hallucinations and Delusions in Alzheimer 's," 2014). Treatment is solely necessary for these type of symptoms because of the effect they have on...

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...rve, exocitotoxic effects and species differences in metabolism reaction to ampakines will need to be completed in the future in order to determine their true utility as cognitive enhancers.
Alzheimer’s disease is the destruction and death of nerve cells that causes memory failure, personality changes, problems in carrying out daily activities, and other features of the disease. There are many symptoms of which hallucinations and dementia stand as a diagnoisis as a neurodegenerative disorder but cannot be diagnosed based on that alone. Through MRI scanning, it is easy to discover ALS in its early stages but has still no proven cure. Currently, research being conducted on Ampakines as a potential treatment has shown benefits of including the slowing down of the progression of the disease and also the negative effects which include headaches, somnolence, and nausea.

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