Aluminum Bat vs. Wood Bat Essay

Aluminum Bat vs. Wood Bat Essay

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What is better a wood or aluminum bat? In this project I will take the scientific approach to answer this question. I will compare the average hitting distance of a wood and aluminum bat, how the bat feels, and how far the ball goes then compare the two bats together.
Aluminum bats are more durable then wood bats. They are also lighter than wood bats which means the ball coming off the bat will be faster then when it was pitched. Aluminum bats are hollow and wood bats are solid. The wood bat can go just as far an a aluminum bat but the wood bat is heavier then the aluminum bat. Aluminum bats can move a lot faster then when they were first made but the advancements in making the bats have come a long way since then so aluminum bats can hit farther then wood bats because they made them better. Aluminum bats have a bigger sweet spot then wood bats so it is harder to hit the ball farther then if you don't use the sweet spot it makes it harder to hit, if you don't use the sweet spot it will not be a very good hit ball. The sweet spot is the center at which the ball produced the least osculation which gives the maximum output and the ball will travel further. In 1986 they started to put weight limits on bats because the bat performance and impact with aluminum bats were having on the games it allowed grater bat swing speed and better bat control.
The bat affects the bounce factor time and position of the bat at what the swing speed is at a maximum. the rotation of the ball is on an axis perpendicular to the direction of travel. You have a bigger probability of getting out hen you are to get a signal and an walk. but you have a better chance at getting a home run than a double in baseball it can compare it to the hitting of the ...

... middle of paper ... properties, the five most important being the length, diameter, weight, weight distribution, and stiffness of the bat. Bats are about six times heavier than balls and about six times lighter than a batter’s two arms. This is no mere coincidence. Tennis racquets are also about six times heavier than tennis balls. The factor of 6 is about the best ratio to ensure that energy in the batter’s arms is well coupled to the bat, and that energy in the bat is well coupled to the ball.
A bat can bend in different ways. For example, if you were to place each end of a bat on a brick and stand on the bat in the middle, then the bat would bend in the middle. That bend in the middle hi where the ball should be hit.

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