Alternatives to the old fashion school boards across America Essay

Alternatives to the old fashion school boards across America Essay

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Education in our nation is in crisis, and in order to confront the problem we need to tackle it at the center. We need to target school boards; they control funds, education, and more or less the community. With school boards these days being counter-productive, there seems only one way to solve the problem. Get rid of school boards across the nation and provide each school with its individual power much like private schools, or initiate the creation of a nation-wide school board. With the whole nation on the same page, maybe together we can help save education, and ensure the future of our country. Only until something is done to school boards will there be a positive, productive change towards education.
Truth about School boards
The role of school boards “is to establish a vision for the community's schools that reflects a consensus of the board, community and district staff.” Although this is their main purpose, they also have to balance a district budget, create a district-yearly calendar, negotiate contract, construction, and approve district curriculum. (Stover 1) Although it might seem harsh to argue with school boards even though they do a lot, it is their job. They were appointed to lead and better the community, guide our children. If they are not mentally ready to be a leader, then why run for a school board member, the focus should be on the children, how to better education for them, and how to make sure they get the most out of every day coming to school.
School boards now and days are corrupt and only care for personal financial gain. The problem persists throughout the entire nation. We need to find the right people to control our schools if they are going to be productive, and help re-establish educational...

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