Alternatives for Animal Dissection Essay

Alternatives for Animal Dissection Essay

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One of the breadth requirements for every student in college is to take a biological or life science course. When it comes to Biology, Anatomy, and few other sciences, one needs to learn about the body parts and the functions. Books explain all the information, but hands on learning is better so animal specimen are used for dissections and experiments. But is this the only way to learn about the body?
There are students that find it disturbing when they look at a dead corpse or are against using animals. With the technology we have now, there are 3-D virtual programs as well as models that can take the place of the specimens. The University of California, Riverside should replace traditional animal dissection and experimentation with alternatives for the biological and life science courses. Not only alternatives make good replacements, but it will be for a good cause, cheaper, and can improve student's learning than dissection.
By replacing traditional dissections with alternatives, lives of animals would be saved. According to National Anti-Vivisection Society's Jodie Wiederkehr, "biology is the 'study of life' not death"(132,Fleischmann). They would no longer have to suffer and be killed. They would be in pain and distress (Balcombe). There are some people that don't follow the ethics on treating animals. Using animals for dissections can have a great risk of them being extinct. Dissection for a course that no one is studying in the biological and life science is causing unneeded deaths of animals.
Animal dissection is expensive and time consuming, especially that it can only be used once and then must be properly thrown away. The price range depends on the animal that is used with the addition of the equipments. Frogs co...

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