Alternative Tourism : Sustainable Tourism Essay

Alternative Tourism : Sustainable Tourism Essay

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Alternative tourism also known as sustainable tourism is different from mass tourism as it establishes an equal balance between the environment, economic and the socio-cultural aspects of the tourism industry. Alternative tourism plays a vital role in the industry as it aids in the preservation of the local culture and conserving the flora and fauna of that place. Alternative tourism contributes to these various key variables which include generating income to improve the local economy and creating jobs opportunities, while it minimizing the impacts on the environment, such as conserving the local biodiversity and the local culture for the future generations. (WTO, Sept 2014). In this essay, it will point out the arguments and the key points about the concerns of the paper that will be covered in the essay, the effects of mass tourism has led to the depletion of natural resources such as fresh water, local resources such as food and raw materials, it can also lead to land degradation and pollutions, these are the few of many undesirable effects that come from mass tourism. (Manera et al., Jun 2016). Alternative tourism has been developed to help balance out the harmful effects that was caused by the rise of mass tourism.

Mass tourism can bring high economic and social benefits in undeveloped countries, as tourism in the economic side can create job opportunities for the local people either in the tourism sector or other sectors like transportation, it also creates opportunities for small to medium business owners which are vital to the communities and it generates extra taxes revenue, such as airport and hotel taxes, which can be used for the building of hospital, schools and housing; there are also negative impacts on the econ...

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...and implementations. Climate change, the rise of technology and a shared economy have added layers of difficulties towards the development of alternative tourism, with the influence of social media it has added pressure to source out for a long term solution for alternative tourism. (Bramwell and Lane, Dec 2012). In a recent discussions about alternative tourism have pointed out to the problems, gaps, deficiencies and the limited capabilities to find solutions which are acceptable in the industry, with many critical questions being left unanswered; there is a discrepancy between the amount of research and non-critical personal towards the proposed solutions, with the lack of research it can lead to insufficiently informed policy recommendations and on the other hand there would be a loss of enthusiasm for the concept of alternative tourism. (Moscardo, Oct 2015).

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