Alternative to Incarceration Intermediate Sanctions Essay

Alternative to Incarceration Intermediate Sanctions Essay

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Alternatives to incarceration have been explored in recent years due to the overcrowding in the correctional system. Intermediate sanctions is one of those alternatives. Intermediate sanctions have long way been used in the United States due to the benefits and options that it offers from saving money to reducing overcrowding but it does, however, have its unfortunate faults. There are many programs within intermediate sanctions that work and some that fall behind. Intermediate sanctions is an alternative to the costly prison system but to what end?
As an alternative to incarceration, intermediate sanctions are most often used for non-violent offenders. Intermediate sanctions is a new option of punishment that was develop to better match the punishment with the seriousness of the crime for non-violent offenders. With this new kind of punishment, comes new responsibility for the offender to become a contributing member of his or her community (textbook, 131). The main way that offenders accomplish this is by learning new job skills and holding a stable job (textbook, 131). Along with the responsibility of job, offenders are sometimes ordered to do additional sanctions which includes, paying any fines, getting an education or even getting treatment if needed (textbook, 131). Offenders are, at times, ordered to do all of these. Intermediate sanctions can be implemented in several ways. It can be implemented during arraignment or the initial sentencing, after the offender agrees to treatment and has shown improvement to comply, or it can be implemented as a means to reduce the population in the correctional system (textbook, 131). This brings up the question of whether intermediate sanctions should be used ...

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... or minor vehicle offenses. This programs proved to be very effective in other countries like England due to the fact that they utilize this program more as an alternative to prison rather than just a condition. For that, it is hard to say whether it is effective in the United States in its current state. It might just be a problem of implementation.
All in all, intermediate sanctions has been shown to be an effective alternative to prison. The benefits of reducing overcrowding, saving on cost, and giving the offender what they need sure enough makes it worth looking at. Along with that, the options that it provides as far as sentencing gives prosecutor and judges the ability to choose their outcome for most cases. These programs all prove to be all well and good with the exception of some programs like bootcamps but still effective nonetheless.

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