The Alternative to College: Trade Schools Essay

The Alternative to College: Trade Schools Essay

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A hard choice many people face in today’s society is whether to attend a university or to go to a trade school. With the economy America has right now it is clear that the best way to get an actual paying job is to go to a trade school and receive a certificate, rather than a college degree. It is proven that you can be just as successful in life with a job that requires technical skill over a college degree. Sadly, the culture we live in today brainwashes people into thinking technical degrees are undesirable and that a college degree is the best and only way to go. Often when students proceed on this course of life that society told them to take they may be stuck with large student loans to pay off without the promise of finishing their degree or getting a job.
There is no need for everyone to get a college degree when they can be trained in technologies and trades that can offer a job and a paycheck. America still needs manufacturing technicians, mechanics, and carpenters. Without these key workers America would not be able to function properly. The USA needs to start encouraging its citizens to go to trade schools because that is where the jobs that make good money are. A college degree used to be the only way to get a good paying job but times have changed and getting vocational training from a trade school is the best option many people have for earning a living.
Education comes at a high price for this generation and not just financially. Going to college can give students plenty of debt with no promise of a job in return, which can set a student father back on their course of life. Young adults trying to start their lives by going to college encounter many setbacks. Today the average cost for a private university is $25...

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...ave changed and college is extremely expensive now. There are not enough jobs openings for college graduates which leaves them unemployed with heavy debt. The vast majority of jobs in America require only vocational training or a skill certificate. People who do not have the aptitude for college should not be forced into thinking college is the only way to be successful in life. Society should encourage students to explore all job options not just the college related ones, because with the way times are changing getting trained from a vocational school is the best option America’s citizens have.

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