Alternative Technology : Alternative Fuel Technology Essay examples

Alternative Technology : Alternative Fuel Technology Essay examples

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3. Alternative fuel Technology
3.1 Introduction:
It has been proven consistently that acquiring more efficient technologies and progressing to increase in usage of AFVs will slow the increasing demand for gasoline in comparison to past years. A recent study has also suggested that AFV 's will decrease energy consumption from 26.7 quadrillions Btu in 2012 to 25.5 quadrillion Btu by 2040.This gives positive attitude when another research suggests that the no of vehicle usage on roads is going to double by 2040.Since not all alternative fuels are well suited for all modes of transport, and not for all sectors within a specific mode of transport i.e. Automotive and Aviation. The needs for these two different modes and the possibilities of the different fuels for these fuels have to be analyzed separately.
3.2 Barriers to Alternate Fuel Vehicles:
 High initial capital costs
AFVs including all weight classes and fuel types today are more expensive than their counterpart gasoline and diesel vehicles. The increase in initiatives and incentives by governments around the world have increased the demand but not all buyers are able to make use of these incentives.
 On board fuel storage and range limit
The driving range of the electric vehicle is always an issue and hence avoided by the customers. The fuel storage can be worked on and can be improved but it takes a lot of marketing of AFVs to get the increasing usage of vehicles.
 High fuel cost
Fuel cost will not be the main issue but certainly will be on considering batteries for fuel cells can be expensive. But they can be modified. They can be improved by improving the fuel efficiency.
 Limited fueling option availability
Though there are different refueling structures are heavily bei...

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... this is still fairly in its earliest stage of commercial production.
The use of fully synthetic kerosene from both processes is being considered for the near future. Both HRJ and BTL are called "drop-in" fuels as they have the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to a great extent. However, BTL seems to be more promising from this point of view. Life cycle greenhouse gas emissions depend strongly on conditions of feedstock production, with a wide resource scope under consideration including, forestry resources, agricultural crops, residues and new advanced feedstock like algae. But the major issues for the deployment of these fuels is the availability of these respective feedstocks and the logistics required for the same. These have to be addressed along with the environmental impacts to necessitate a sustainable deployment of biofuels in the aviation sector.

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