Essay about Alternative Sources Of Fuels And Its Effects On The Environment

Essay about Alternative Sources Of Fuels And Its Effects On The Environment

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On Average, the American passenger car gets about 27.5 MPG, and annually we drive about 12,000 miles per year. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, the amount of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere per gallon of gas is 17.89 pounds of CO2. Once calculated, the average driver of a passenger car puts about 7,715 Pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere per year. This is solely based on the average miles we drive per year; but if you include time your car burns up gas while it idles in traffic, it can be much higher. Road transportation of passenger cars and trucks accounts for about 20% of the Carbon Dioxide Americans pumps out into the atmosphere. This makes it an unacceptable figure that will only grow in the future if we do nothing about it. Our atmosphere is slowly choking, and it can’t maintain this unhealthy lifestyle without having a dramatic negative global effect on the environment. Luckily, there are alternative sources of fuels that are either out or are being studied for future use. We will explore each source, and what makes it beneficial over conventional petroleum powered cars.

There are numerous alternative power vehicle types either on the market will be ready for mass market in the near future. The first area I would like to talk about is hybrids vehicles. Hybrid vehicles are a form of automobile that is powered partly by traditional gas engines, and partly by some other source that powers an electric motor. They are usually more energy efficient and less hazardous to the environment because they don’t pump as much CO2 as a traditional petrol car would. The first truly hybrid vehicle was released in 1901 called Lohner-Porsche, it was partly battery powered and partly gas powered. It was not wide...

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...t across America today. The final alternative power for fueling cars that is known is Liquefied Petroleum, “aka” Propane. It works similar to a petrol powered car, except the propane is kept in a low pressure tank and it emits about half of the CO2 that petrol cars do. It is not that common in the U.S., mainly powering service cars such as police cars, school buses, and fire trucks. There are about 150,000 cars in America that use this form of power. There are 2,700 propane stations exist in America today. With all these ways to power automobiles today, there is no reason to continue to use petroleum as much as we do today. There is also no reason to just rely on one standard or form of powering a car. If we think about this smartly, we can use a mixture of technologies to power cars until there is a consensus to build an infrastructure for a more permanent solution.

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