The Alternative Sources Of Electrical Power Essay

The Alternative Sources Of Electrical Power Essay

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The world in which we live depends heavily on electricity. Our cellphones, laptops, lights, televisions, and now even some of our cars are just a few examples of the wide applications of electrical energy. For sometime we have produced this form of energy through the burning of fossil fuels to create steam and in turn create a flow of electrons by spinning an electromagnet. While the burning of these fossil fuels is effective and can be quite cost efficient, fossil fuels are a finite resource and their combustion releases a great deal of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere. It is for these reasons that have led a relatively recent public interest in alternative sources of electrical power. These alternative sources include but are certainly not limited to wind, hydro (water), solar, and nuclear. While the more preferred sources tend to be wind, water, and solar because of their limited negative environmental impacts, nuclear power, in my opinion, could usher us into an era of infinite electrical potential.
As a child, I became intrigued by the idea of radioactive material. Growing up watching shows like “The Incredible Hulk” as a young boy and “The Simpsons” during my prepubescent years evolved my interest into fascination. While these entertainment sources are not really what could be considered credible for their information regarding nuclear power, they led me to wonder what the possible applications of such a powerful set of elements could be. In essence, I chose nuclear power for my topic two-fold. Firstly, I grew up intrigued by nuclear energy and its applications. Secondly, I sincerely feel that the future of electrical energy production resides within nuclear power.
Wind and water produce electricity in essentially the...

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...can generate approximately “11.8 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh)” (4). This is a very high production rate, especially when compared to the yield of other renewable resources. Secondly, as mentioned earlier in the paper, nuclear power is actually very cost efficient as well. There is a significant up-front capital cost, however, nuclear power doesn’t need constant fees to stay operational. We saw how nonrenewable sources are very much fuel-based in cost and as such require to be purchased bit by bit. In nuclear power plants, on the other hand, the fuel source (various forms of radioactive materials) are replaced after a longer block of time. Therefore, I see the efficiency of nuclear power production greater than the inefficient qualities. Yes, certain reform is needed, however, in my opinion, our technological future resides, in part, within nuclear energy production.

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