Alternative Solutions to Housing in South Africa Essay

Alternative Solutions to Housing in South Africa Essay

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The target is to stimulate alternative solutions to housing per se, a challenging pro bono project, to identify affordable, acceptable and innovative solutions to the urgent need to lodge the urban poor, using low cost, sustainable design, construction and operation principles. In this essay, we'll look at some unique, eco-friendly alternative housing ideas that provide low-cost urban housing for under-developed nations with high demography.
South Africa’s Award-Winning Solution
The first qualifying solution came from MMA Architects, in South Africa; their design for a single-family home leveraged the low cost solution by recycling indigenous mud-and-wattle construction methods. It is noteworthy that In September 2008, MMA’s design won the Curry Stone Design Prize, an international award that recognizes creative solutions.
Cross Laminated Timber – A Revolution in Low Cost Construction Methods
The tremendous inherent advantages derived from cross laminated timber (CLT) use in construction will prove plausible when an innovative American structure will be finalized, it will take the shape of an almost 80 feet bell tower. Europe has utilized this economic solution for urban overcrowding, harnessing minimal diameter timber from sustainable forestland, CLT comprises stacked up boards at right angles, glued on, with a strong and resilient material at low cost. During the last decade or so, this combination of building materials has been exploited, even for a block of flats in the United Kingdom, which comprises several floors made out of wood, although the corner stone is of another matter, concrete.
Wood accounted for £1,420 per square foot (approximately $2,208 USD at today’s exchange rate) as compared to £1,750 a square foot ($2,722...

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... through initiatives in harnessing low cost construction methods on reclaimed land that is easily accessible, with the best interest of the disenfranchised populations in mind, especially close to jobs. This has set a precedent in low income housing utilizing innovative methods to build with proximity to employment opportunities and connectivity to the nearest urban hub, without purchasing land at downtown prime real estate square meter rates, often at exorbitant prices. The use of high-rise skyscrapers can maximize the lodging of many families on a relatively small plot of land, as long as the geology is compliant to Building Standards, which allows for this. Another factor is urban planning, especially for tourism destinations, so a skyline is not inharmoniously influenced. A good foundation and high standard construction must be according to international norms.

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