Alternative Journalism And Mainstream Journalism Essays

Alternative Journalism And Mainstream Journalism Essays

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Alternative Journalism threatens to disrupt the normative structures that mainstream journalism has created in which many news agencies follow. What can be described as Alternative journalism is anything that provides information that challenges the mainstream flow. It challenges the Mainstream news by hoping to play a balanced and unbiased role within the industry by showing stories which do not get shown within mainstream news. Alternative journalism has also become a voice for groups within society that have become under represented which can vary from indigenous groups to different forms of subcultures. The Alternative can also be more credible sources of information than what we find in the Mainstream news because journalism done by alternative sources research more in depth to gain credibility, as they are not bound to sponsorships or commercial contracts. This essay will illustrate these ideas in depth that identify Alternative media as a watchdog with reference to Alternative news source Vice and what its objective is as the alternative source.
Mainstream journalism represents the dominant ideologies circulating current affairs with very few people delivering information to the masses (Atton, 2010). The people who are able to inform society are the ones who already have authority and power within the media industry. The capitalised nature of the mainstream journalism changes the overall nature of the news and how news stories are told to audiences. The nature and role of the audience is a lot more passive when it comes to their involvement in the mainstream. They are receiving information rather than being the providers of information and are made to listen to what the mainstream media thinks is necessary. There is no for...

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...nstream journalism had been designated to do, to be the Watchdog. So where does that leave the mainstream journalist? Even if the current alternative news agencies diverge into becoming the mainstream news, just as how mainstream news is now, there will be alternative journalism outlets to balance out the corporate enterprise that is the news industry. The activist role that is taken up by alternative journalism opens up a world within the mainstream news industry that is barely touched. In reality mainstream news just doesn’t have enough time to portray the various amounts of stories that circulate the globe. Mainstream journalism needs alternative journalism so every aspect of our culture and society can be seen and heard. Online media can only help with its development of alternative journalism allowing citizen to make the most what they have at their fingertips.

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