Essay about Alternative Fining Agents

Essay about Alternative Fining Agents

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Alternative Fining Agents

Topic: Alternative Vegetable Fining Agents: Patatin P.

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Luann Steele
VIT215 Enology
Research Paper
Topic: Alternative Vegetable Fining Agents: Patatin P.


There is gaining interest by the food and winemaking industry in the search for the development of alternative fining agents that are both economical, and efficient, have the least allergenic reactions in susceptible subjects, and can produce the same effects as traditional commercial products available1/2. Animal-based fining proteins have been used to modulate astringency which can be considered one of the most important characteristics of a wine1. Studies have been conducted on several different plant-based proteins and it was found that a glycoprotein, called Patatin P, has the potential to be the product of replacement for traditional fining agents due to its ability to reduce astringencies1. This alternative fining agent is recovered from a potato aqueous by-product and may be an economical replacement for potentially allergenic proteins1/2/3.
Fining practices in both clarification and improvement to astringency in wine, has been as common throughout history as it is common today. These practices have been the topic of discussions for the last 20 years2. Traditional practices are being challenged by the wine industry and concerned, educated consumers. The industry is anticipating more efficient and economical choices of winemaking products, have availability of those products, and have the authority to use those products in an effective manner. Were as consumers ...

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