Alternative Energy Sources In a Long Run Essays

Alternative Energy Sources In a Long Run Essays

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Once upon a time there was Kelly and Matt, both living in the outskirts of Mexico City. They live in a beautiful modern house. They are the only ones that power their house with solar energy and own hybrid cars. Many people criticize them for doing this because the people there are used to power their houses with fossil fuels. The couple knows that fossil fuels make the air quality bad and want to make the effort to soon make the air quality better using alternative energy. The same things happen in the real world, many critics prefer fossil fuels than alternatives, and in many cases criticizing their effort to make the environment better. Fossil fuels include coal, fossils and oil found under the Earth’s crust; it has provided energy worldwide for centuries. However, as time went on, many people recognized that fossil fuels were polluting the environment. Many people in America consider coal as a largely polluting source of energy (Weeks). And these people look forward for new forms of energy. For example, Wind farms, farms that include a large number of wind turbines, started roughly in the early 1980’s to produce tax limiting energy and an effort to end dependence on fossil fuels (Weeks). Other forms of alternative energy have similar characteristics and controversies. These include, Solar, Nuclear, Natural Gas and Water energy produced by dams. However, many suggest that wind energy and all other forms of energy just doesn’t work hard enough to fulfill a nation’s power needs and high taxes (Weeks). Today sevral efforts are being made to incorporate alternative energy. For example,In my school district; Parkway School District, efforts are being made in order to implement solar panels on the roofs of schools and administrativ...

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