Alternative Benefits Of Rainwater, Rainwater Collection And Use Essay

Alternative Benefits Of Rainwater, Rainwater Collection And Use Essay

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Alternative benefits of rainwater, rainwater collection and use, can greatly reduce the amount of urban surface runoff can reduce urban storm drainage pressure drainage network, reducing the load on the sewage treatment plant, improve the efficiency of sewage treatment plants. Utilization of urban rainwater can replace the City tap water for ecological environment of water and other water can greatly save city water diversion, the marginal cost of water , saving water resources, improve the efficiency of water use, reducing social and economic losses due to lack of water and guarantee sustainable utilization of urban water resources and urban sustainable development. To eliminate pollution emissions and reduce social costs, as well as filtration and disinfection measures, greatly reduces the discharge of polluted rainwater into bodies of water, reduce rainwater pollution and water pollution.
Save the cost of operation of urban drainage facilities, after the implementation of rainwater utilization project in a year can reduce the amount of rainwater discharged into municipal pipe network (including penetration of green space facilities to reduce displacement). This will relieve pressure on municipal pipe network, also reduce municipal pipe network construction and maintenance costs. Water saving can increase State revenues, this part of income at present due to the lack of water causes loss of State revenues In addition, it also includes indirect benefits include:. improved flood control standards and reduced economic loss, urban and residential development significantly increase impervious areas , waters rapidly formed in a relatively short time, peak flow increase, the City faced huge flood control pressure, flood risk, flood di...

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...sion and other symptoms similar to neurasthenia, makes the normal physiological and psychological changes.
Artificial daylight pollution: From the point view of architecture, urban landscape lighting is the lighting technology to the urban landscape of secondary exploitation. It brings city’s economic development chances but it is undeniable that night lighting also has some negative effect on the city’s ecological environment -light pollution. Artificial daylight’s hazard mainly produced atmosphere light pollution and environment pollution. 1. Atmosphere light pollution. Artificial night light emitted light comprises a reflective direct ground, walls and other landscape lighting in escape of light scattering dust in the air or other atmospheric particulates, the diffusion of the atmosphere over the city very bright people light pollution in the atmosphere is formed.

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