Alternate Ending to Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis

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As soon as the Samsa’s returned to their flat, the family reminisces of the trials and ordeals which they were forced to endure upon their Gregor’s revolting transformation. Subsequent to discussing the matter the Samsa’s felt they could each hover above ground from the amount of anxiety which had been lifted from their shoulders. The Samsa’s decide they should clean their home and dispose of anything that brings the thought of Gregor to their minds. Mr. Samsa consumed with anger and disgust does not dare to go inside of Gregor’s dormitory. When the time comes however, to re-arrange what used to belong to their son, Gregor’s mother and sister enter the room. The room is dark and melancholy, corners cannot be seen and the only supply of light in the room is a small window. Although the room is miniature the two women find it a challenge to navigate. As she collects filth Mrs. Samsa finds herself staring at the hospital located on the other side of the street and wonders, “how could help be so near and yet so far?” an impression of guilt and regret appears on her old timeworn face, her hands tightened on the old wooden broom. Suddenly a shriek is heard, Gregor’s deceased exoskeleton had moved, concealed by a white sheet. It turns out that the lethargic servant woman had done nothing but put the corpse under a white sheet in the darkest corner of the unused room. Grete stands in a firm weary stance, her mother approximates herself fearful yet more curious. Unexpectedly a crack is heard; the atrocious stench from the inside of the rotten exoskeleton overwhelms the small room and moving can be heard from within the cadaver. Out of the blue, a life giving gasp for air comes from the corpse. The shape of a human backside rose fr... ... middle of paper ... ... foot and tosses him across the room, while recovering from the unexpected assault Gregor’s father cries out, “Talk to me!” Gregor is reluctant to say a word. Gregor’s father throws him into the living room, Gregor takes refuge under the couch, his father takes hold of the broom and begins to mercilessly jab it under the sofa, “get out!” he shouts. Mrs. Samsa Gregor’s mother suddenly arrives from work, she sobs at the extraordinary sight. She attempts to get a hold of her husband but his stubbornness and fury impedes him from grasping on to his rationality. Gregor rises and points his finger in the direction of the two people standing before him, Mr. Samsa halts and Gregor accuses both of them of taking advantage of him. The noise from the radio is heard clearly as a deep silence segregates mother, father and son. Lament becomes apparent in their old crumpled faces.

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