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Before one can define the impact of the three Atlantic Revolutions, one must look back to the prior decade before the American Revolution and discuss what led to it. Through European monarchs would lose much of its territories throughout the world, England would control the world’s gateways to trade, which would in turn led her to a dominate and peaceful Victorian age. One must study the seeds of the Revolution of 1763, The American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Haitian Revolution to properly answer their impact.
The year 1763 A.D. brought an end to the tumultuous World War between great European monarchs. The aftermath of this seven year war became the dominate theme of 1763. A world war is “a war engaged in by all or most of the principal nations of the world.” (Merriam-Webster, 2006). The seven year war involved Great Britain, France, Spain, and Portugal of Europe, which were the dominant world powers over land and sea. The conflict between neighbors would spread all over the world to four of the five remaining inhabited continents.
Many other governments joined this global conflict to include Prussia, Russia, Austria, Sweden, Saxony, Hanover, Brunswick-Wolfenbuttel Iroquois Confederacy, Hesse-Kassel, Schaumburg-Lippe, and Bengal Subah. This lengthy list of participants does not include the indigenous population of the Americas or the colonist who were well on their way “to form a more perfect union.” The birth of a new nation is at hand in 1763 while the Crown crafts legislative scrolls to control its rebellious offspring. The year 1763 is indeed one of the most important years in American history and arguably the most important step to there ever being a United States.
The American Revolution begins to stru...

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...n the global economy. Haiti remains economically collapsed as the French forced it to pay capital for its freedom. India received its independence from Britain in 1947 and Hong Kong was turned back over to the Chinese in 1997. The ideas of freedom often transform the landscapes of earthly powers. The impact changes the destinations of wealth and prosperity for centuries to come. In the end the biggest loser of the Atlantic Revolutionary Wars was not the Europeans, the Arabs, or the Asians, but they all play a part in the continent that had the most disastrous impact of these wars, which is the continent of Africa.

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