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Alpha Xi Chapter Lead Improvement Plan Essays

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Mu Xi Chapter LEAD Improvement Plan
Lead Chairman Andrew Walsh

Our Chapter is making improvements to our LEAD program in multiple ways. We are preparing early, developing a year round calendar template and instituting a three to four year plan to have all brothers completing lead. We also are development practices in order to garner continued and sustained involvement in chapter LEAD sessions by facilitators. Finally we are also organizing our LEAD sessions in order for them to have the most impact, in its intended purpose, upon brothers and candidates.

To start, our chapter is preparing early for these LEAD sessions. We are in contact with facilitators, brothers and candidates at least a week in advance. We do this to confirm facilitators who beforehand have agreed to spend their time with us in these LEAD sessions. Also we do this to confirm with brothers and candidates to ensure full attendance at all of our LEAD sessions. Also the chapter prepares the room and procures the documents to help with the LEAD sessions found on

Furthermore, our chapter has developed...

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