the Allure Tragedy in Literature Essay

the Allure Tragedy in Literature Essay

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Our reality is full of tragedy and therefore tragic story is representing part of our real life, which is full of ups and downs. As Heraclitus, a

Greek philosopher, mentions “character is destiny” while tragic story is just another representation of our life barrier.  No matter how

lucky or perfect a person is, there has always some tragic moments that he or she can’t avoid in his or her life. This is why tragic stories

can be so attractive to the readers. Throughout the stories, the audience can correlate their life situations with those ones that the

character is facing. Thus, many tragic stories are plotted as in reality that they usually have some characteristics in common which build

the stories up to the hill of tragic moments and bring it back down to the regular life.  Among them, character flaw, crisis, and discovery

moment can be considered as three main components for a basis composition of tragic story.
           Every tragic story involves character flaw or hamartia leading the characters to the crisis, which ends up their lives with

destructive consequences.  The flaw is part of the character’s imperfection characteristic  as accordingly is the main potential cause of a

tragic situation.  One of the most common character flaws is obsession.  For example, in the short novella “The Man Who Was Almost a

Man” by Richard Wright, Dave Saunder, the adolescent protagonist preoccupy his mind with the gun which he believes could instantly

make him a real man. However, his obsession doesn’t make him become a hero. Instead, it makes him the laughingstock among the

kids.  Similarly, a protagonist from another novella “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker obsession of reclaiming her heritage breaks down

her famil...

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...any tragic stories are built upon different topic and narrated throughout various perspective of life but they all have similar and

common ways of illustration. As discussed above, character flaw, crisis and discovery moment are three indispensable parts for the

formation of a tragic story no matter what typical subject it is based on. Thus, throughout those tragic stories, the audiences can learn

some lessons not to step into the same situations so that we can avoid many tragic moments of our lives.

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