Essay about Allied Barton Is A Security Company

Essay about Allied Barton Is A Security Company

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Allied Barton is a security company where I’m currently interning at. They have a wide range of missions and goals they would like their company to provide. Even if it has just been a month I feel that I have accomplished a great deal of the tasks that they offer to their customers.
The mission for Allied Barton depends on the agency they are providing security for. Though I have only witnessed a couple of their companies that Allied Barton offers service to I think that they might be similar. Since I’m stationed in Appleton, their main focus is on Pierce Manufacturing. Pierce is a company that builds a wide range of different type of fire engines.F The mission for the security guards at Allied Barton, who are dealing with the Pierce Manufacturing account is to provide the safety and security for the Pierce employees, guest, and vendors while they 're on Pierce property. Along with that the security guards must also make it their mission to protect the Pierce property in every way. That includes the real estate, structures, equipment, as well as, electronic and other proprietary info.
Along with most security companies Allied Barton main purpose is to serve and secure the people, homes, and business of our community. When I started out they gave me a card that I was told to always carry with me at work. The card has the word great in all capital letters at the top. Great is spelled with the first letters of each of their values. Those being G for growth, which meant to encourage individuals, team, and organizational growth. R for responsibility which is honoring our service commitment to customers, employees, and the community. E for empowerment to offer development programs that enable employees to do their job with skills and...

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... it 's Friday then I have to turn off all the lights, shut the garage doors, and lock all the doors throughout the building once the employees have all left.
This internship has let me experience what security guard jobs are like. Though I find myself comparing my internship with my job as a Campus Security Officer at Whitewater. I just haven’t decided which job seems to have more significance. So far I have felt that this job consists of mostly sitting and watching security monitors. Which is why I have found myself going on more and more rounds to keep busy. But who knows this could all change once I experience what the rover position is like. Rovers get to travel to all the different buildings in the area that Allied Barton service and patrol them. Along with that Allied Barton will be merging with another security company so things might start to change in July.

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