Alliances Between Germany And Germany Essay

Alliances Between Germany And Germany Essay

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Alliances in war are as important as putting butter on toast. This may sound like madness but when someone is put against an enemy who is stronger, more willing and hates their guts they will need as much help as possible. There are some alliances that work in history and some that would make alliances look like declaring war would have been a better option. As tension grew higher in Europe after the annexation of Austria and the Sudetenland, countries such as Poland, France and Britain started to grow worried about Germany. Germany, ruled by Adolf Hitler, had a fascist government. Other fascist governments included Spain, which has recently won a civil war in April of 1939, ruled by Francisco Franco, and Italy who is ruled by Benito Mussolini. As 1939 comes along, Hitler will have to start looking for allies. These allies would have to agree with Hitler on his ideological standpoint, same motives in terms of conquering and not turn against him. In Hitler’s younger days in the Nazi Party, Hitler looked up to the recently put in power Benito Mussolini in Italy during these days. When Hitler was on the edge with going to war with Poland, France and Britain he needed some people to help him. Japan was more than welcoming to join Germany on his conquest. Unfortunately, Japan was halfway across the globe so they could not help on the European continent. Germany looked towards the recently fascists Spain. Spain just suffered a bloody civil war and she needed to recover. Then came Italy with her Roman history. Italy has had an :alliance” persay with Germany in their recent years but will refuse to join the war against Poland and France. When the war started, Italy was reluctant at first but then as the war continued and France was close ...

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...eed to have forces in them. Such fronts were Africa and Southern Italy. With Italian failures, Germany began to also lose respect for Mussolini and the Italian nation because of their failures. American and Britain would never have problems with supplies, especially with oil. Both nations ran on war with minor supply problems around the world together. Both America and Britain also respected each other greatly and that helped with communication and making plans. Germany and Italy on the other hand were not so lucky. Both nations had problems with each other culturally. Italians looked lazy to the Germans and this made the Germans very angry with the Italian soldiers. Picking an ally for Germany must have been tough. To Germany, Italy must have been the best they had. If Hitler were to probably redo the war then he would definitely not become an ally with Italy again.

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