Essay The Allegory Of The Bear

Essay The Allegory Of The Bear

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The Allegory of the Bear

Once upon a time, a little kid’s home was strolled by a malignant bear. The little kid was wary of alarming the bear, the kid skulked around the bear at the break of dawn to escape the bear. But, you might ponder, what happened when the bear was startled? The seven hells broke loose. The kid’s adrenaline levels sky rocketed, with palms drenched in sweat and a heartbeat worth a mile per minute the kid urgently sprinted, like the lightning was about to strike. The forest ahead was without end, and the kid wasn’t always able to surpass the vicious bear. However, the kid’s eagerness to prosper in everyday life outweighed the firmness of the bear’s claws. It became unambiguous, as time transpired, to escape the bear interminably; the kid must be enlightened of all the worlds outside the bear’s den. The kid constantly contemplated that one day, the knowledge and experience acquired during this journey would support with the mission to elude from the bear. That kid was the bear and me was my life and my family, my first bullies. It didn’t take long for me to become cognizant of my precarious situation, in fact, I figured it out when I was 8. With all odds against me, I triumphed through much. Life with my family pushed me into crafting goals for myself, identifying my ambitions and motivations while encouraging me in apprehending my love for knowledge, learning, and for innovation.

Bard College at Simon’s Rock is the perfect environment for me to carry out my goals, fuel my ambitions, and work on my motivation. I am in dire need of an environment, such as the one Simon’s Rock offers; to accomplish the goals I’ve set for myself. Which include: developing my programming skills, exploring many areas of study...

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...imon’s Rock is the ideal place for my intellectual and personal prosperity.

My residence at Simon’s Rock will be rich in academic accomplishment and affluent in social interactions. I foster strong and verbose thoughts in my mind, thoughts that lead to ebullient and thought provoking discussions. From AP Calculus to AP English, I constantly take part in intense and abstract discussions on a class-to-class basis. Furthermore, I urge an atmosphere of acceptance between everyone, academically and socially. In fact, I have obliged some of my teachers in integrating a policy to constitute respect between my peers. This prompted, not only tolerance, but also acceptance within my peer’s community.

Starting college early is obviously going to be laborious, but I will adapt and perform at my best ability. I will be a labor of love that shall bring me much satisfaction.

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