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God of the Terrorists
Al Qaeda. For some, this name represents years of misery, torture, and terrorism. Yet for others, this name is a shining beacon of light. It represents a people’s god and the sacred duty that they have to perform. When we think of Allah, we think of the World Trade Center and crazy lunatics who hate the so called “West” and its technological advancements. But we forget about the religion that evolved around the same time as Christianity; we forget about the mosques that have won global acclaim as the most beautiful and sophisticated structures; we forget about the proud race that spread science and mathematics throughout the world.
Many articles today depict this scenario and cause people to become stereotypical. They developed their own term for this stereotype; Islamofacism. Growing up in this world was no easy thing for me. There were kids who, looking at my skin color, asked me “Are you going to blow us up?” Of course, it was rhetorical, but it reinforces the point that looks mean everything in our modern day world, especially for someone who resembles a stereotypical Arabian.
People’s animosity towards Muslims can be seen in their speeches. Karen Armstrong herself said “The values of Islam are expressed by Muslims clearly. September 11 changed the world, and put Muslims on the spotlight.” She attributed the hatred of those few terrorists to all Muslims. Muslims are being attacked simply for their faith and it’s our fault. Maybe we should look at ourselves before we go and criticize others. We are nothing but a hate filled race of stereotypical people.
Of course, we truly don’t understand these Arabians and their culture. They fight for what they believe in. Muslims ex...

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