Allah : A Christian Response, Writing As And For Christians Essay examples

Allah : A Christian Response, Writing As And For Christians Essay examples

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In the book of Allah: A Christian response, writing as and for Christians, Miroslav Volf addresses what Christian perspective is regarding the God of Muslims in the Qur’an. In the majority of the book, he principally argues that called to love God and neighbors by the same God, Christians and Muslims believe in the same God, who is only one Creator.
What Miroslav Volf has a contentious argument is that Muslims and Christians do worship the same God, revealing that God, who is love, commands that people love their neighbors. However, Muslim monotheism is not compatible with Christian doctrine of the Trinity, which is a hindrance to harmony. He defends the doctrine of the Trinity against Muslim critics, successfully connecting the Trinity to the attribute of love. Also, acknowledging differences between Christian and Muslim that ask them to remain not one religion, he attempts to reduce these two differences. First, what the Qur’an and the Trinity deny each other. Next, people can become both committed Christian and a practicing Muslim. Volf is hoping that the two faiths will come to understand that they worship a common God and can work together toward a common good of humanity in this life. In other words, his goal is to discuss a political theology—not soteriology. Volf also explains history about what Christian and Muslim made historical mistakes, referring to historical figures spanning the Crusades and Turkish invasion. Furthermore, he concedes that the Crusades were not allowed to attack Muslims by the Biblical warrant. According to the author, the Qur’an has two significant differences from the Bible, which is the severe punishment for disobedience and minimized God’s love in the Qur’an. As a result, Muslims force another r...

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... means that readers can understand about Islam in obviously Christian perspective. Therefore, people can reach ultimate aims to love others as Christians, which is to spread the Gospel through this opportunity.
In conclusion, this book tells that Christians and Muslims have the same God, and that the same God has differences and similarities. Also, both God is love, telling them to love Him and their neighbors. However, Christians and Muslims have different perspective about God’s love because Christianity represents unconditional love, but Islam represents conditional love. Moreover, significant understanding of this book is that Volf’s aim is to discuss a political theology, not soteriology because he desires that Muslims and Christians will come to recognize that they worship a common God and can compromise for the sake of a common good of humanity in this life.

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