All You Would Like to Know About Australia Essay

All You Would Like to Know About Australia Essay

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Australia is a continent located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean with the land area of 2,941,283 sq. mi. The population of Australia was estimated 1,015,576 people, as of 2012. The climate in Australia can tropical, mild, or dry depending on the location. Canberra is the capital of Australia which is at the bottom of the continent, southeast of the biggest city in Australia, Sydney. Sydney is the largest city with a population of 4.429 million citizens. In Australia, the currency is the Australian dollar which is the equivalent to 0.903978 of a United States dollar. The common race that lives in Australia is Caucasian with 92 percent of the population being this race and 7 percent are Asian and 1 percent of the population having other ethnicities.

Australia is full of different cultures and languages but the national language is English. Australians are known for how they speak English, it is called ‘Strine”. Strine is an Australian slang form of English. In Australia, everyone is English is advised to be learned but over 15 percent of people do not speak English in home. Other than English, Australians speak over 200 different languages such as Chinese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Vietnamese, or other/ unspecified languages are spoken.

In Australia they hold many different religions. The different types of Christianity are the majority religion of the country. Although Australia is mostly Christians there is not a national religion and all religions are practiced. There are 25.8 percent of the population that are Catholic and 27.4 percent that are protestant. The 27.4 percent of the protestant include Anglican, uniting church, and Presbyterian and reformed. Other religions insist of 2.7 percent of Easter...

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...r music concert, art gallery or museum, opera or musical, live theatre, dance performances, and classical music concerts. One Nobel Prize for Literature was given to Australian novelist Patrick White. There are many famous novels that are Australian.

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