All War Against Germany Myth Memory And The Distortions Of Hindsight Essay

All War Against Germany Myth Memory And The Distortions Of Hindsight Essay

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"All war is a symptom of man 's failure as a thinking animal." (John Steinbeck) When John Steinbeck reflects that quote. It’s Almost similar to a packed article that we readed ‘’Three Violence and Human Nature’’ I will mostly be comparing and contrasting my book (Britain’s two world wars against Germany) and a few pack it articles and also the reality world. There are some few things that you should know. One of these facts is that this book is Non-fiction. Second statement is that this book called ‘’Britain two world wars against Germany myth memory and the distortions of hindsight’’ brings out a lot of stuff that is happening similar at this moment. My last statement is that it also brings a lot of facts and information from other articles that we also readed in class.
In the beginning of this book (’’Britain two world wars against Germany myth memory and the distortions of hindsight’’) There’s a Author named Brian Bond and pretty much speaks about how World War One and also War World Two being. In the few chapters on the book Brian Bond talks about how Britain one the first war in the year 1914-1918. During that four year expend war, Most of the time people thought that world war one was a ‘’bad war’’ because of an assassination,innocent people dying, bombs everyone and later on Germany declaring war. During that time it seems like we’re almost having the similarities that happen hundred years ago but this time it isn’t with Germany it’s mostly with a group called Isis (islamic state). ‘’I have never been persuaded that such violence, whether of an angry black man or a hate-filled trooper or of a dutiful Air Force officer, was the result of some natural instinct. All of those incidents, as I thought about them later, were ex...

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...age in organized violence on behalf of some abstraction. That is a special gift of creatures with advanced brains and cultures. The animal commits violence for a specific, visible reason, the need for food and for self-defense’’. (Three Violence and Human). It’s a shame how we like to kill a human being and another human and not use our brains and just think about violence. In my opinion this book taught me about more about their history and struggles but also gave me a message that we shouldn’t repeat the same history what happen almost hundred years ago. It also showed me that we don’t need to kill a human for being a african american or having riots or start a religious group and start killing people that are that religious or kill innocent people that are just innocent people. In my opinion we need to start making peace on this earth and less killing each other.

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