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The book All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer, was not your traditional love and war story. It’s about a young blind girl named Marie growing up in the war, who had a connection with a young boy named Werner who is a part of the Hitler youth. There are a few other characters who are all in different parts of the world, and yet they eventually all meet up together and find out they all have some type of connection between each other. All of the characters in the book were affected by the war, and caused them to change into the characters that they ended up to be.
Werner started off as a young orphan who lived in a home with his sister Jutta, who he cared deeply for, and always protected. He was a very curious boy who loved to learn new things. Werner knew if he stayed living in the orphanage he would be sent to the mines and that is where his father died. Werner knew he did not want his life to end like his fathers. Werner became very infatuated with radios. He loved putting them together and fixing them. Werner and his sister would stay up all night listening to the radio that he fixed. They would sneak out at night and listen to a Frenchman’s broadcast. Werner goes into the National Political Institutes of Education, where they had him doing a lot of physical activities along with a lot of mathematical problems to solve.
As time passes on Werner is becoming somewhat heartless. He slowly stops writing his sister. Even his friendships start to change. Everything really starts to change for him when he is the reason for the death of a little girl and a woman. Seeing the death of them really haunted him. It made his physical and mentally sick. Things started to turn around for Werner when he was listening for people who wer...

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Von Rumple was a changed man by the end of the war. He started off as a gemologist before the war. Then he got infatuated with the sea of flames stone. He spent so much time trying to find out where it was. He figured if he had the sea of flames that he would live forever and the tumor he had wouldn’t kill him. Unfortunately his obsession to find the stone costed him his life. Werner took his life in order to save Marie. Von Rumple could of lived a normal life if he hadn’t become so obsessed with the stone.
All the characters in the book went through different issues and problems during the war. Each individual character had changed in their own ways. Some changed for the better, and some changed for the worse. Some characters didn’t make it out of the war. In the end every character learned something about themselves, and they came out totally different people.

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