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All That Stand Up For Herself Essay

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All that Stands in the Way BBC Documentary
First of all, Shoeshoe believes that she cannot speak out nor stand up for herself because in her culture, people find it disrespectful as a woman to have such a confident attitude. She also feels obligated to stay quiet almost all the time since males are characterized to be the louder population. In their country, abortion is legal so the men have control over a child 's birth. If a woman accidentally gets pregnant before marriage, she may get an abortion to not disappoint her parents and still be able to manage their reputation.
In addition, when people are told something too many times, those words become rooted into their minds. Thus the stereotypical description of women having the purpose to take on the role of a housewife while the men go out to work gradually becomes accepted by the majority of all individuals. For example, when Shoeshoe asks her male classmate what he thinks about living with a working wife while he stayed at home, the boy replies with, "I would hate that....I don 't have a proper role anymore." Also when Shoeshoe 's mother is asked to what she thinks about the prominent gender role of women in a family, she says, "The mothers do a better job when taking care of the baby." From this, it can be understood that men and women begin to produce the mindset of what their main (or only) responsibility within their family is, and grow needing to be a housewife for women and a breadwinner for men from society 's stereotypes and pressure brought upon them.
In Iceland, a girl named Vigdis has more freedom compared to Shoeshoe by being able to go to parties without supervision, however she feels limited to be able to do some things she secretly desire to do....

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...verall, she grows up thinking that men are scary because of the influence of online sites.
I learned that stereotypes, gender inequality and discrimination are reasons to why the girls in the video carry the feeling of confinement. Their actions and words are restricted by society as certain expectations are set for them that address the proper way a woman should look and behave. Women having the firm identity as a housewife already set girls to their future even when they are still a baby. Meanwhile, both gender inequality and discrimination act as an obstacle and boundary to suppress women from rebelling against the norms. However the majority of the population seems to not care and even when people do share the same sentiments that women feel, they are bind by staying within their convenience zone and refuse to actively participate in changing the evident issue.

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